Jesse Evans

Captain Jesse Evans, Hannah’s father-in-law, served under General George Rogers Clark during the Revolutionary War, helped found the town of Wytheville, Virginia—originally named “Evansham” in his honor—and migrated to central Missouri before statehood.


Table of Contents

I. Beginnings
Notes to Part I

II. The Revolutionary War
Notes to Part II

III. Montgomery County
Notes to Part III

IV. Wythe County and Evansham
Notes to Part IV

V. Cove Creek
Notes to Part V

VI. The New River Ferry
Notes to Part VI

VII. Sheriff and Slaveowner
Notes to Part VII

VIII. The Missouri Frontier
Notes to Part VIII

IX. A New State
Notes to Part IX

X. Gasconade County and Osage County
Notes to Part X

XI. Post Mortem
Notes to Part XI

XII. The Fate of His Slaves
Notes to Part XII

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