Descendants of Jesse Evans

Each of the nine children of Jesse Evans and Elizabeth Breckenridge is named in his will, a transcription of which is on the page “1841 – Will of Jesse Evans.”  Following is a list of their spouses and children as estimated from available documents. Dates are approximate except where documented elsewhere in the Jesse Evans pages.

[A] – Named in 1841 will of Jesse Evans.
[B] – Deceased by 1841 per will of Jesse Evans.
[C] – Named as legatee of Jesse Evans in the probate of his estate (see the page “1847 – First Annual Settlement of Jesse Evans Estate”).
[D] – Named as party or otherwise referred to in suit to establish will of Jesse Evans (see Jesse Evans: XI. Post Mortem, Note 4 and accompanying text).

Ann Evans (1778 – before 1841) [A] [B]
Husband: James McCampbell

  • James McCampbell [D]
  • Sophronia (Sophrony) McCampbell [D] married Anthony Fulton [D]
  • Martha Cassandra McCampbell [D] married Jeptha Wood [D]
  • Miriam (Manisa or Maniza) McCampbell [D] married Thomas Conger [D]
  • Elizabeth McCampbell [D] married Simon Riggs [D]
  • Mariah McCampbell [D] married Levi Wood [D]
  • Sarah Ann McCampbell [D] married Rolley (Raleigh) Hayden [D]

John B. Evans (1780 – before 1830) [A] [B]
Wife: Sally Newell [A] [D]

  • John Evans, Jr. [A] [C] [D]
  • James Evans [C] [D]
  • Erastus Evans [C] [D]
  • William Evans [C] [D]
  • Thursday Evans [C] [D] married unknown Langly
  • Sarah (Sally) Evans [C] [D] married Andrew K. Bell [C] [D]

Jesse Evans, Jr. (1781 – before 1828) [A] [B]
Wife: Joanna Reeder [A] (who later married John Howell)
No known children

Jane (Jenny) Evans (1782 – after 1841) [A] [C] [D]
Husband: Thomas Farmer [B]

  • John Farmer [C]
  • Jesse Farmer married Elizabeth E. King

Elizabeth (Betsey) Evans (1784 – before 1830) [A] [B]
Husband: Prospect K. Robbins [A]

  • Jesse Robbins [A]

Joseph Evans (1785 – 1846) [A] [C] [D]
Wife: Elizabeth Smith

  • James Smith Evans [A] [C] [D]
  • Jesse Robbins Evans [A] [D]
  • Sara Ann Evans [D] married Pleasant McDaniel

Sally Evans (1786 – before 1841) [A] [B]
Husband: John Armstrong [A] [B]

  • Letitia Armstrong [D]

George Washington Evans (1790 – 1846) [A] [D]
Wife: Hannah Chribbs

  • Jesse C. Evans [C] married Nancy Olivia Goodman
  • William B. Evans [C]
  • Nancy Ann Evans [C] married Rodney W. Groves [C]
  • Elizabeth Evans [C] married Cameron Reeves (Reaves) [C]
  • George Washington Evans, Jr. [C] married Virginia Ann McDaniel

Nancy Evans (1794 – 1855) [A] [D]
Husband: George King [D]

  • John B. King married Narcissus Emma Conger
  • Jesse E. King [C]
  • Elizabeth E. King married Jesse Farmer
  • William King [C] married Sallie Hubbard
  • Martha Ann King [C] married James S. Hubbard
  • Cena King married Elisha S. Ratiken [C]
  • Nathan King [C]
  • Erastus King [C] married Mary Glascow
  • Joseph C. King [C] married Susan McKamey