1801 – Petition for Relief of James McCorkle Debt

[transcribed from Legislative Petitions, Montgomery County, Microfilm Reel 131, Box 171, Folder 54, Library of Virginia]

To the Honourable the Speaker & members of the House of Representatives of Virginia

The petition of Jesse Evans Humbly Represents

That about the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty [ ] your petitioner became security for James McCorkle Sheriff of the County of Montgomery for the revenue which should become due to the commonwealth for the year 1789 [ ] before the death of James McCorkle which happened in the year one thousand seven hundred & ninety four.

Your petitioner anxious to have the business settled & his responsibility as far as possible lessened applied to McCorkle to induce him to make a settlement with the public agents.

On application he informed your petitioner that if your petitioner could assist him with eighty or ninety pounds he would be enabled to pay the whole amount of the taxes due for the year aforesaid.

Your petitioner being desirous of seeing the business closed borrowed about that sum & paid it to said McCorkle.

After this your petitioner reposed in confidence that the whole amount was paid & that no longer any claim existed against him.

Your petitioner however was surprised in the year 1800 with having a writ of fiere facias levied on his land for the amount of nine hundred dollars or thereabouts which was the first your petitioner knew of the matter and your petitioners freehold was finally sold for said debt.

Your petitioner begs leave further to represent that that the said James McCorckle’s estate has become incompetent to pay the claims against the same and your petitioners remedy coming at this late period has become extremely precarious.

Under these considerations your petitioner most humbly prays that this Honourable body will pass a law remitting to him the damages paid by him &c grant him such other & further relief as to your Honourable body may seem meet & he shall pray &c.

[signed] Jesse Evans

I certify that one hundred seventeen dollars 45 cents has been paid into the Treasury for Damages on the aforementioned Judgment.

Aud Office   } [signed] Saml Shepard
22d Dec 1801 }

Jesse Evans’s
Decr 29, 1801