1862 – Will of Mary Becknell

[transcribed from Probate Vol. B, Record of Wills, Red River County, Tex., pp. 61-62 [Microfilm #1295742, FamilySearch] (another transcription available in Mary Becknell Estate Papers, Typescript Collection (C995) (microfilm), Vol. 17, No. 477, The State Historical Society of Missouri)]

St of Texas
Red River Co. }

To all whome this writing may consern.

Know that I Mary Becknell, wife of Wm. Becknell Decd do this day by the blessing of God and in his name appoint Benjamin H. Epperson my Executor to carry out my will after my decease, and dispose of my property agreeable to my will and wish my Land is to be sold on a credit of two years to the highest bidder Bonds and good security given for the payment at the expiration of the two years but never to be sold for less than ten dollars pr acre. My old man Martin, Phillis his wife, and theare son Martin is given to my Daughter Cornealia Collins to have and to hold them as her owne property while she lives at her Death they are to remain with Mary H. Evans and five hundred Dollars must be given to Cornealia Collins by different installments for the support of the old negroes, and I wish Mr. Epperson to know that they are treated kindly.

I wish a monument put over Mr. Becknell’s grave worth fifty Dollars with this inscription Capt Wm Becknell Born in the St of Virginia Amhurst Co. Died in the St of Texas Red River Co on the 30th day of April AD 1856 aged 68 years. He whose merits deserves a Temple can scearse find a Tomb.

A monument over my son Wm. A. Becknell worth forty dollars. Born in the St of Missouri Howard Co. Died in the St of Texas Red River Co. Febary 7th AD 1858 aged 41 years.

I wish a good poast rail fence placed around the Grave Yard with a good wide Gate and five hundred Dollars paid to Commissioners to assist in Building a meeting house which is to be built near the Grove on the Land which I have deeded to the Methodist Church.

two hundred dollars paid to Ann Eliza Turnbull in Lieu of fifteen acres of Land which I promised her for some cattle which she claimed, said cattle was sold at the sale. The money is never to be paid to Turnbull but to herself by installments of fifty Dollars.

my safe is to be given to Cornealia Collins, my beadstead and one bead and clothing is for Sally Evans. My other bead is to be given to Lucy Jane Turnbull. Should John C. Becknell my son come home he is to receive two thousand Dollars from the Proceeds of the Lands, and if young Martin wishes to go with him I have no objection to his purchasing him from his Sister.

If my sister Mrs. Hannah Evans should move to Texas I wish a Silver Shugar dish I have given to her and five hundred dollars in cash. My waggon, oxen, cattle and hogs can be sold.

To Elizabeth Malinda and Margaret Frances Becknell, daughters of Wm. A. Becknell deceased four hundred Dollars each. To Malinda Becknell one hundred dollars.

Now Mr. Epperson I have done the best I can, placing implicit confidence in your honor and integrity. I hope God will direct you in all things; and when you settle up this business and pay all expenses the Ballance divide between Cornelia Collins John C. Becknell and all my grandchildren equally.

then I wish the Court to present to you a ceartain silver soup spoon which is in my box it has the Initials of my Father’s and Mother’s names on the handle. I wish you to accept it as a memento of the respect and confidence I feel in your honest integrity.

[signed] Mary Becknell

Signed and acknowledged on the 7th day of October 1862 in the presence of

Tested by William Humphry
Tested by Ann [ ] Turnbull

Now Mr. Epperson if you wish to take the Land at ten dollars pr acre you can take it and pay as directed. Octo. 7, 1862

[signed] Mary Becknell

State of Texas
County of Red River } County Court pertaining to Estates of decedents

Personally appeared in open court J.M. Baker and Martin Guest residents of the County of Red River, State of Texas who being duly sworn say upon oath that they were well acquainted with the late Mary Becknell formerly the wife of William Becknell deceased and that they are acquainted with the handwriting of the said Mary Becknell and having examined a document filed in Court for Probate as the last will and testament of the said Mary Becknell bearing date the 7th day of October 1862 as well as the signature thereto & they say that the whole of said instrument of writing as well as the signatures thereto (to the main body as well as the postcript of the said Mary Becknell is in the handwriting of the said Mary Becknell.

[signed] Martin Guest
[signed] J.M. Baker

Sworn & subscribed before me this May 30th 1864.
[signed] Edward West, Clerk

On which is the following Endorsement to wit

Filed for Record May the 30th 1864 at 1 Oclock PM
[signed] Edward West, Clerk

Recorded J the 1st 1864 at 10 Oclock AM
[signed] Edward West, Clerk