Notes: I. Pittsburgh and Legionville

Notes for William Chribbs: I. Pittsburgh and Legionville

Note 1. For a map showing the chronology of Pennsylvania county formation, see

Note 2. Smith’s Laws (Pa.), Vol. 12, p. 448.

Note 3. Petition for formation of Allegheny County, Feb. 12, 1787, Records of the General Assembly, Record Group 7, Pennsylvania State Archives. For a complete transcription of the petition, including all of the accompanying signature pages, see A Century and a Half of Pittsburg and Her People, Vol. I, John Newton Boucher, ed., New York: Lewis Publishing Company (1908), pp. 241-52. In 1999, that book was republished by the University of Pittsburgh Digital Research Library.

Note 4. William Chribbs’s signature on the document may be indistinct now, but whoever transcribed the signatures more than 100 years ago copied the surname as “CHRIBBS.”  See ibid.

Note 5. According to records in the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, in 1777 and 1778, a solder named Peter Cribbs served in Capt. Gibbs Jones’s Company of Artillery under Col. John Lamb and, in 1776, a soldier named John Cribbs or John Crips served in Gen. Charles Lee’s Guard under Capt. James Grier (First Regiment Continental Troops, Pennsylvania). The same solder may be the Capt. John Cribbs who appears in military records in Major John Clark’s Battalion at Fort Pitt in 1791 and was later killed during General Arthur St. Clair’s defeat on the Wabash River on Nov. 4, 1791. That incident was a precursor to Major General Anthony Wayne’s expedition from Legionville in 1793 described in this Part I.

Note 6. 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Crawford Township, Osage County, Mo., Family No. 88. The same document reports that Hannah’s mother (Elizabeth) was born in Pennsylvania.

Note 7. Petition for divorce, Aug. 7, 1806, Elizabeth Chribbs v. William Chribbs, Indiana Territory General Court Case Files, Box 9, Folder 614, Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records. See Part IX for information about Elizabeth Chribbs’s maiden name.

Note 8. 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Titus County, Tex., Family No. 324; 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Red River County, Tex., Family No. 526. In the Red River County, Tex., probate of her husband’s estate in the 1850s, Mary was occasionally listed as “Mary Ann.”

Note 9. Anthony Wayne to Henry Knox, March 30, 1793, George Washington Papers, Series 4, Library of Congress.

Note 10. Anthony Wayne: A Name in Arms, Richard C. Knopf, ed., Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press (1959), p. 210, n. 48.

Note 11. Henry Knox to George Washington, April 8, 1793, George Washington Papers, Series 4, Library of Congress.

Note 12. William Power to John Belli quartermaster general receipt for boatman services with William Chribbs’s witness signature, May 23, 1793, Fort Washington (Ohio), private collection.