William Chribbs

William Chribbs, Hannah’s father, was a merchant along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers between 1790 and 1810, was appointed the federal revenue collector for what is now southern Illinois by President Thomas Jefferson in 1801, and had a running feud with the commander of Fort Massac, Captain (later General) Daniel Bissell.

This French map, published in 1781, shows the land that Chribbs traveled, with the Ohio River flowing from Pennsylvania in the northeast to the Mississippi River in the west. The map, which is in the collection of the Library of Congress (Call Number G3707.O5 1781 .L4) is titled:

Partie occidentale de la Virginie, Pensylvanie, Maryland, et Caroline Septle. la rivière d’Ohio, et toutes celles qui s’y jettent, partie de la Rivière Mississippi, tout le cours de la rivière de Illinois, le Lac Erie, partie des Lacs Huron et Michigan &. toutes les contrées qui bordent ces lacs et rivières.

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Table of Contents

I. Pittsburgh and Legionville
Notes to Part I

II. Cincinnati and Vicinity
Notes to Part II

III. Fort Massac and Wilkinsonville
Notes to Part III

IV. Presidential Appointee
Notes to Part IV

V. Business in Randolph County
Notes to Part V

VI. Business Elsewhere
Notes to Part VI

VII. The Bissell Affair
Notes to Part VII

VIII. New Orleans
Notes to Part VIII

IX. After 1808
Notes to Part IX

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